Industry Deductions: Fitness Instructors

Joshua Nowack

December 5, 2014

Within every industry, there are expenses that employees incur that are seldom reimbursed by their employer. Some fitness instructors are employees, while others are independent contractors. This article isn’t to debate the difference between an employee versus an independent contract. However, it is an article of commonly incurred expenses that you should take to your tax professional at year end. If you are an employee, the list below assumes that your employer does not offer reimbursement. You not completing the paperwork or being too lazy to ask for reimbursement does not entitle you to deduct as an employee.

  • Required uniform purchases (purchasing a shirt with the fitness center’s logo)
  • Travel to offsite events or in-home visits
  • Conference and seminar fees to pursue fitness, nutrition or education
  • Ongoing nutritional supplements are NOT deductible
  • Out of pocket marketing costs
  • Equipment and gear used for training your clients
  • Music used for training your clients
  • Exercised videos either for your learning or for showing to your clients
  • Liability insurance
  • Retirement plan contributions

Like with all other tax concerns, if you have questions, ask us.


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