Charitable contributions above $5000

Joshua Nowack

October 6, 2014

Most folks know that when you make a charitable contribution that keeping receipts is important. One taxpayer found out the hard way of when keeping receipts isn’t enough. The tax court recently ruled against a taxpayer who had claimed about $27,000 worth of charitable contributions. The deduction was disallowed because he did not obtain an appraisal as required by for contributions above $5000. Now a contribution of this amount is indeed rare, but came about after clearing out his mother’s home. So tuck this into the estate planning checklist.


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How to drive your business into the ground

Josh Nowack

January 7, 2017

From time to time, clients will ask me to check out investment opportunities.  And for avoidance of doubt, I do so not to recommend an investment and certainly not to sell investments....


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