Business Continuity - El Nino can make you think about such things

Josh Nowack

November 4, 2015

Living in Southern California, you'd think that we wouldn't talk about the weather.  Wrong.  We talk about the weather all the time.  When it's 82 degrees, it's too hot.  When it's 78 degrees, it's too cold.  We need the rain, but as soon as it gets cloudy, we get cranky and ask for the return of Apollo.  I digress.

Our forecasters have had something to talk about this year.  The conditions of the Pacific have suggested we will have an El Nino.  And there is a definite possibility that we might have above average rain.  That's about as committal as these forecasters will get.  Now, some forecasters will flat out say we plan on getting inundated.  Now, for me, in my line of work, who cares?  January through April, I'm indoors anyway.  It can rain everyday and it really wouldn't impact my professional world.  However, in my role with Little League, we are discussing reducing the schedule to allow for some makeup games.  

How would El Nino impact you?  Would it impact your business?  Would it impact where you live?  Let's think this through - how would torrential rain impact your winter months, if the prophecy for above average rain actually came through.  At a minimum, take this opportunity to check out your property and casualty insurance.  If your business is dependent on dry weather - check into business overhead insurance.  If your business thrives in the wetness - are you staffed appropriately.  If your business dies in the wetness - are you staffed appropriately.  

In a part of the world where we have remarkably consistent weather, let's ponder, if just for a moment, if we didn't see the sun for a day.  Now dispense with that crazy talk and enjoy the sun.


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